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A list of over 8 Billion stolen passwords was posted on a forum. It is strongly recommended to see if you have been part of any known breaches by going to we recommend this site frequently and you can sign up for alerts. If you have been part of a breach change those passwords immediately and any other sites that have used the same password.
Some notes about password safety-
1. Use a different password for every site. You can achieve this by using a password manager like LastPass or 1password.
2. Randomly generate the password to be 16+ characters with uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and symbols. This is also why we suggest a password manager. Just adding a number or a character to the end of a password won’t work. Sorry to tell you that. 😔
3. Change your passwords frequently and don’t share them with people unless needed.
4. If you receive an email that you are not expecting don’t click the link. If you receive something like your Facebook was hacked click here to verify. Don’t click the link it could be a phishing email. Open a new browser window and manually go to and verify if this is true or not.
5. Always use 2FA- 2-factor authentication. I know this is a pain to do but it has become a necessary evil. If your password is breached this one step might save you a lot of headaches.
To read more about the leaked passwords click the link below.


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